Why Are We so Unique?

01. Locksets

Orlando Group wishes to furnish its Clients with the most complete and personalized solution. Our brand is very well known around the world for providing Customers with complete sets of entirely Made in Italy brass handles, locks and cylinders. Each of our handles, locks and cylinders is designed to be part of a Lockset. Check-out our product catalogue and combine the perfect set for your market or your projects!

02. Wherever in the world you are

As part of the "One face to the Customer" approach, Orlando Group's Sales Managers are in charge of the entire relationship with the Client, from the very first contact to the after-sales Customer Service. This includes worldwide visits to our Clients and Business Partners. Are you interested in distributing our italian locks and brass handles within your local market? Would you like to include our Locksets within your projects? Get in contact with us and we will travel to your country, providing you with a customized solution for your market!

03. Your language is spoken here

Our Made in Italy locks and handles are designed for the World's doors. As a result of our international positioning, Orlando Group's team fluently speaks several foreign languages. We are deeply committed to bringing you the right mix of skills and international experience in order to provide you with an excellent Customer Service and to build long-term business relationships, based on open communication and trust.


Mix and match our Made-in-Italy products and create unique locksets for your market!