The Brasshouse: architecture as a work of art

The Brasshouse: architecture as a work of art

May 11th, 2016


Either it is polished, chromed, plated or raw, brass represents the heart and soul of Orlando's door-accessories production.
In fact, most of our Made-in-Italy door handles are made from this fascinating metal.

Brass is a material we love, therefore we were enchanted by the pictures of the Brasshouse, a residential building designed by leading architecture firm Rothelowman.

The Brasshouse is located in a prestigious suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and it is characterized by metal ribbons powder coated with a brass hue which wrap around the building, providing the apartments with privacy and the entire architecture with the look of a great work of art.

The use of brass continues within the interiors, finely decorated with brass accessories.

“We’re very proud of our work on Brasshouse,” states Joshua Amsellem, Design Director at Rothelowman. “We’ve taken our cues from the form and materiality of brass, and that’s resulted in a balance between elegance and playfulness."

We see the Brasshouse as a masterpiece of modern architecture and a true source of inspiration for our brass door accessories production, since it strengthens the idea that contemporary living spaces seek for the perfect balance between classic and modern style.

Do you like this philosophy? Check out our antique collection of handles, where the beauty of the past embraces the future of modern trends.

Pictures and text courtesy of Rothelowman.