When remodeling your home, do not forget your handles and locks!

When remodeling your home, do not forget your handles and locks!

March 14th, 2019

Are you wishing to renovate your home style without spending a fortune?
Remember that details can make a great difference when it comes to interior design and they can be a lot cheaper than full properties renovations.

Here are a few easy tips to update your nest on a budget:

1) Install new switchplate covers, they will give your walls a much cleaner and nicer look.

2) Change your lampshades. All lampshades in the same room should have a similar style or theme.

3) Purchase new curtains for your windows. Uniform them with lampshades, pillows and the other fabrics in the room.

Last but not least:

4) Change your doorknobs, handles, locks and hinges

The household hardware should never be forgotten, since they can add style to any space, making it look well-finished with little effort.
Make sure your interior doors do not have mismatched handles and choose their style in order to make a statement.
Prefer high quality materials, such as brass, in order to guarantee durability and style at the same time.

Our suggestion?
Choose an Orlando Made in Italy Handle, such as orlando ALENA handle.


Internationally known as “ORLANDO 810”, the ORLANDO CLASSIC ALENA Made in Italy handle represents the triumph of fine decoration and beauty. The skillfully decorated plate, together with the majestic handgrip, create a truly unique brass handle, known all over the world for its stylish look and its comfort in use. Choose ORLANDO 810/L for a shining effect within the room, or ORLANDO 810/B if you are looking for the extreme elegance of a bronze finish.

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