Do you believe in the power of beauty?

Do you believe in the power of beauty?

March 18th, 2022

It’s official: we are having a moment with tiles and their colorful patterns.

Within their colors and shapes hides the magical power of beauty: the creation of happiness.
Beauty works subtly, but strongly, on the human brain, activating a “happiness circle”: the more we see beautiful things around us, the happier we are; by getting happier and happier, we feel the need to surround ourselves with even more beauty, restarting the circle.

Under this new perspective, the search for beauty in interiors is no longer an exercise of vanity and style, made by architects and designers around the globe, but a true added value to society as a whole.

At Orlando, we feel to be active parts of the beauty-creation process. Our handles, locks and sanitary fittings travel the world carrying the Italian beauty with them.









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Pictures Credits: 123rf, authors belopoppa, incomible, ksuganz, luoxi, rouslan.